Welcome to Sakata!
Costa neoRomantica
Arrival on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 10AM

Join our Kayaking in SAKATA!! Wednesday, August 2nd 2017.
夏の酒田 カヤック体験 8月2日(水)開催

You can enjoy the dramatic view of the Mt. Chokai from the Niidagawa River.

We aim to raise public awareness about our ocean and port through the kayaking view. Full participants enjoy every year.

Take a look at Sankyo Soko Storehouse and Mt. Chokaisan from different perspective view.
Anyone is welcome.

Feel free to contact us for any questions.
[e-mail]  npo-genkioukoku@lemon.plala.or.jp


Date and Time             2nd August  Wednesday 12:10-14:00
Hour of use                   Approx . 2-1/2 hours
Number of applicant     Max 20 ( Only 10 kayaks for 2 person)
                                        *One person can participate.
                                        *Kids(up to 3year old) can ride on the middle of two adults.
Registration fees           5,000yen for one 
                                               8,000yen for two
                                       *Registration fees include
                                       ・Kayak, Paddle, Life jacket, Sandals, Two-piece rain coat.
Substance      Experience Kayak with explanation of historical architecture or historical figure.
Clothing and belongings
・Clothes that may be wet, Please bring extra clothes, beach sandals and towels.
               *You can use a changing room and shower room in the Nigiwai-Kenko Plaza.
Registration          Send your name, age, gender, address and contact number by e-mail to : (npo-genkioukoku@lemon.plala.or.jp)
Deadline        1st (Tuesday) August 2017
Reception      By the Tourist Information at the Nigiwai-Kenko Plaza
             *Access to the Reception from/to Kominato Futo(dock) to Nakamachi : 500yen by Shuttle bus.
             Closing time 12:10.
Location                Nidagawa(river)
                                   *Boarding place : Sankyo Soko.
Program           Departure at Nakamachi 12:20  (Round-trip bus 100yen)
        Drop off at Sankyo Soko 12:30
        Kayak start from Sankyo Soko.
        End approx. 14:00.
        Back to Nakamachi (Round-trip bus 100yen)
        *From Nakamachi to Kominato Futo(dock)