Tamasudare is the biggest plunge waterfall in Yamagata prefecture. Water falls from a height of 63 m at a width of 5 m. It is lit up for a time in spring and summer, and many people come to enjoy the wondrous view. There are large cedar trees in the vicinity, and the waterfall is popular as a “power (energy) spot” because of the abundance of negative ions in the air.
The waterfall is an approx. 10-minute walk from the parking area. Please wear shoes and clothing appropriate for walking.


This is the biggest plunge waterfall in Yamagata Prefecture. The recent harsh cold weather has made the waterfall beautifully frozen.



DATA — Height of Fall: 63 m / Type: Plunge waterfall
Location: Omori, Masuda, Sakata
Access: Approx. 45 min. by car from JR Sakata Station; approx. 35 min. by car via Nihonkai-Tohoku Expy. (Sakata Minato IC)
Parking: Available
*Tamasudare Waterfall has been chosen as a recommended scenic spot by Yamagata Keikan Monogatari (introduces scenic spots in Yamagata prefecture).
For details, go to http://yamagata-keikanmonogatari.com/