This pond is a popular place for taking photographs and hiking. The fresh foliage in May and autumn colors in October are beautiful. Even without going for a hike, the pond can be viewed from above at the spot named “Nozoki” along the road called Chokai Kogen Line. It has been designated a natural monument by the prefectural government because it is a breeding ground for a species of frog specific to Japan, Rhacophorus arboreus.


Location: Yunodai, Kusatsu, Sakata
Period: July–October (roads are closed from around November to June the following year); the best time to view the autumn colors is mid to late October
Access: Approx. 1 hr., 20 min. by car from JR Sakata Station; approx. 1 hr. by car via Nihonkai-Tohoku Expy. (Sakata Minato IC)