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Tamasudare Waterfall

Written on 2017-09-19 in Yawata Area

Tamasudare is the biggest plunge waterfall in Yamagata prefecture. Water falls from a height of 63 m at a width of 5 m. It is lit up for a time in spring and summer, and many people come to enjoy the wondrous view. There...

Mt. Chokai

Written on 2017-09-09 in Yawata Area

Located on the border with Akita prefecture, Mt. Chokai (2,236 m) is the tallest mountain in Yamagata prefecture and has been selected as one of the Best One Hundred Mountains of Japan. Because of its beauty, it is also ...

Sakata Fireworks Show

Written on 2017-08-08 in Fireworks event

Our fireworks show began in 1929 and continues to be one of the biggest shows in the Tohoku region (over 12,000 fireworks). It culminates in a 2km-long, colorful display sparkling in the dark night sky, which captivates ...

Hand painting candles

Written on 2017-06-30 in 1 Activity

Traditionally, incense, flowers, votive candles, water, and food (mainly rice) have been given to ancestors as offerings. In olden times when there were no flowers in the winter, people who wanted to offer flowers would ...

Sakata maiko dance performance

Written on 2017-06-30 in 1 Activity

Enjoy a dance performance by Sakata maiko (similar to geisha) at Somaro. It is held twice a day, every day. At lunchtime, you can have a delicious maiko bento (choose one out of four types of boxed lunches) while watchin...

Making a kasafuku ornament

Written on 2017-06-30 in 1 Activity

There are three top hanging ornaments in Japan: tsurushi-kazari in Shizuoka prefecture, sagemon in Fukuoka prefecture, and kasafuku in Yamagata prefecture. Kasafuku (kasa means umbrella, fuku means good fortune) ornament...

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