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Iimoriyama Park

Written on 2017-06-28 in 3 Gardens

The park area is quite large. The children’s playground, gymnasium, and Ken Domon Museum of Photography are also located on the premises.  

Dewa Yushin-kan

Written on 2017-06-28 in 3 Gardens

Because of its splendid surroundings, this is one of the most suitable places to learn Japanese culture, such as the art of tea, sa-do; the art of flower arranging, ka-do; the art of incense burning, ko-do; Japanese ches...

Homma Museum

Written on 2017-06-08 in 2 ART & MUSEUMS

Since dockworkers lost their jobs during the wintertime, the head of the fourth generation of the Homma Family, Kodo derived a plan to construct and maintain the garden, Kakubuen as a measure against unemployment. Built ...

Hiyoriyama Park

Written on 2017-06-08 in 3 Gardens

The park is located on an artificial hill. Soil was brought in to create an elevated spot from which shipping agents could look out to sea and watch for merchant ships. Hiyori means good weather, and yama means hill. The...

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