Category: 3 Gardens

Iimoriyama Park

Written on 2017-06-28 in 3 Gardens

The park area is quite large. The children’s playground, gymnasium, and Ken Domon Museum of Photography are al...

Dewa Yushin-kan

Written on 2017-06-28 in 3 Gardens

Because of its splendid surroundings, this is one of the most suitable places to learn Japanese culture, such ...

Homma Museum

Written on 2017-06-08 in 2 ART & MUSEUMS

Since dockworkers lost their jobs during the wintertime, the head of the fourth generation of the Homma Family...

Hiyoriyama Park

Written on 2017-06-08 in 3 Gardens

The park is located on an artificial hill. Soil was brought in to create an elevated spot from which shipping ...



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