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Soko-ji Temple

Written on 2018-01-26 in 4 Shrines and Temples

Soko-ji is a Zen temple established in 1384. The temple gate was completed in 1811. The garden, called Horaien, is a national-designated site of scenic beauty. Visitors can enjoy green tea and sweets in this very tranqui...

Nanshu-jinja Shrine

Written on 2017-06-28 in 4 Shrines and Temples

Nanshu-jinja Shrine venerates Takamori Saigo who was one of the most influential samurai in the Meiji Restoration (1867–1877). This shrine exhibits and houses his belongings, calligraphic works, and a vast collection ...

Jofuku-ji Temple and Kara-mon Gate

Written on 2017-06-08 in 4 Shrines and Temples

Mitsuoka, the third-generation head of the Homma Family, donated the gate to his ancestral temple, Jofuku-ji Temple in 1800. This sturdy but elegant gate built entirely of zelkova wood has withstood many earthquakes. It ...

Kaiko-ji Temple

Written on 2017-06-08 in 4 Shrines and Temples

Unlike mummies in Egypt, those in Japan are self-mummified Buddhist monks called sokushinbutsu, or living Buddha. In ancient times, people suffered from calamities such as crop failure, epidemics, and famine. Monks from ...

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