Sakata City Museum of Art

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Since this museum is located on a hill, a panoramic view of Mt. Chokai, the Mogami River, and the city center can be seen from here. There are permanent displays of artwork by a famous Japanese oil painter, Shigeru Morit...

Dewa Yushin-kan

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Because of its splendid surroundings, this is one of the most suitable places to learn Japanese culture, such as the art of tea, sa-do; the art of flower arranging, ka-do; the art of incense burning, ko-do; Japanese ches...

Sakata Aioi Kudo Museum

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A traditional townhouse built in 1928 was renovated into a private museum in 2006. Artwork from Sakata artists and antique kasafuku are exhibited.

Sakata Wholesale Fish Market

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Fish auctions start from 5:00 a.m. at this market, which is open until noon. Visitors can also purchase fresh seafood just offloaded from ships at Sakata Port. Diners and restaurants serving breakfast and lunch, such as Kaisen Ichiba, Minato Ichiba, and a ramen shop are located nearby.

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History of Sakata

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The 36 founders of Sakata established a foundation for regional water transportation, and Sakata became well known throughout Japan when Zuiken Kawamura developed the westbound sea-lane in 1672. Not only were a variety o...

Homma Museum

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Since dockworkers lost their jobs during the wintertime, the head of the fourth generation of the Homma Family, Kodo derived a plan to construct and maintain the garden, Kakubuen as a measure against unemployment. Built ...

Jofuku-ji Temple and Kara-mon Gate

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Mitsuoka, the third-generation head of the Homma Family, donated the gate to his ancestral temple, Jofuku-ji Temple in 1800. This sturdy but elegant gate built entirely of zelkova wood has withstood many earthquakes. It ...

Sakata Municipal Archives Center

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The center exhibits articles and documents from the kitamae shipping trade in the Edo period (1603–1867), traditional and folk handicrafts, and photographs from the destructive Sakata fire of 1978.    

Historical Homma Residence

Written on 2017-06-08 in Historical Homma Residence

The Homma Family expanded its business interests into commerce, finance, and landownership. In 1768, the head of the third-generation of the Homma Family, Mitsuoka built the samurai-style house for the feudal lord, Sakai...


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During the Edo period, Abumiya became known nationwide as a shipping agent and rice dealer. Abumiya played an important role in the shipping trade, as well as held top economic and political positions in Sakata. The pres...

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