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Sakata City Museum of Art

Written on 2017-06-28 in 2 ART & MUSEUMS

Since this museum is located on a hill, a panoramic view of Mt. Chokai, the Mogami River, and the city center can be seen from here. There are permanent displays of artwork by a famous Japanese oil painter, Shigeru Morit...

Dewa Yushin-kan

Written on 2017-06-28 in 3 Gardens

Because of its splendid surroundings, this is one of the most suitable places to learn Japanese culture, such as the art of tea, sa-do; the art of flower arranging, ka-do; the art of incense burning, ko-do; Japanese ches...

Homma Museum

Written on 2017-06-08 in 2 ART & MUSEUMS

Since dockworkers lost their jobs during the wintertime, the head of the fourth generation of the Homma Family, Kodo derived a plan to construct and maintain the garden, Kakubuen as a measure against unemployment. Built ...


Written on 2017-06-08 in Abumiya

During the Edo period, Abumiya became known nationwide as a shipping agent and rice dealer. Abumiya played an important role in the shipping trade, as well as held top economic and political positions in Sakata. The pres...

Minato Ichiba

Written on 2017-06-08 in Exhibits and Foods

Minato means port. There are seven indoor shops selling fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, sake, local specialties, and souvenirs. Some have small diners where you can eat ramen or a bowl of rice topped with tuna.  

Sanno Club

Written on 2017-06-08 in Exhibits and Foods

Sanno Club was built in 1895 and was a famed high-class Japanese restaurant in Sakata for more than one hundred years. Now, the restaurant has been renovated into a tourist facility that displays many kinds of exhibits, ...

Sankyo-soko Rice Storehouse

Written on 2017-06-07 in Exhibits and Foods

Constructed in 1893, Sankyo-soko Rice Storehouse is comprised of 12 storehouses. This facility was only used for storing rice, and 9 of the storehouses are still in use today. The rest have been renovated into the Shonai...

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