Tamasudare Waterfall

Written on 2017-09-19 in Yawata Area

Tamasudare is the biggest plunge waterfall in Yamagata prefecture. Water falls from a height of 63 m at a width of 5 m. It is lit up for a time in spring and summer, and many people come to enjoy the wondrous view. There...

Mt. Chokai

Written on 2017-09-09 in Yawata Area

Located on the border with Akita prefecture, Mt. Chokai (2,236 m) is the tallest mountain in Yamagata prefecture and has been selected as one of the Best One Hundred Mountains of Japan. Because of its beauty, it is also ...

The First Visit from Costa neoRomantica

Written on 2017-08-10 in 5.Latest News

The foreign cruise ship, Costa neoRomantica arrived at Sakata Port for the first time on August 2nd. Approximately 1,000 people gathered at the port to welcome the ship. Hundreds of passengers and crew members came ashor...

Sakata Fireworks Show

Written on 2017-08-08 in Fireworks event

Our fireworks show began in 1929 and continues to be one of the biggest shows in the Tohoku region (over 12,000 fireworks). It culminates in a 2km-long, colorful display sparkling in the dark night sky, which captivates ...

Downtown Area Map

Written on 2017-08-01 in 5.Latest News

Welcome to Sakata! Costa neoRomantica Arrival on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 This map shows various restaurants that you can visit while in town which serve meals prepared with local ingredients. Some restaurants are nor...

Japanese summer

Written on 2017-07-27 in 3.Blog by High schoolers

Fireworks event of Sakata City will be held on 5th August this year. 今年の酒田の花火大会は8月5日です。 Please come to Sakata! ぜひ酒田に来てください! This picture shows the fireworks event o...





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