Tamasudare Falls

Tamasudare is the biggest plunge waterfall in Yamagata prefecture. Water falls from a height of 63 m at a width of 5 m. It is lit up for a time in spring and summer, and many people come to enjoy the wondrous view. There are large cedar trees in the vicinity, and the waterfall is popular as a “power (energy) spot” because of the abundance of negative ions in the air.The waterfall is an approx. 10-minute walk from the parking area. Please wear shoes and clothing appropriate for walking.



DATA — Height of Fall: 63 m / Type: Plunge waterfall
Location: Omori, Masuda, Sakata
Access: Approx. 45 min. by car from JR Sakata Station; approx. 35 min. by car via Nihonkai-Tohoku Expy. (Sakata Minato IC)
Parking: Available
*Tamasudare Waterfall has been chosen as a recommended scenic spot by Yamagata Keikan Monogatari (introduces scenic spots in Yamagata prefecture).
For details, go to http://yamagata-keikanmonogatari.com/